Friday, January 16, 2009

My return to collecting

I left the hobby of seriously collecting sports cards about 15 years ago. I have bought the occasional pack and thought about getting serious about it a couple of times since then, but then never stuck with it. This past Christmas my grandfather was looking for some 08/09 Victory hockey cards and I hunted and hunted for them but never was able to find them. Just the thrill of the search has caused me to want to get started in it again. So I am going to both buy cards to collect as well as some to sell to try and fund my hobby.

While surfing through the interwebs the other day I came across a blog about opening wax packs and from there found many others that were similar. I found it fascinating to read about other collectors opening 1984 Topps or 1988 Donruss, etc, it brought back so many great memories. I had some packs on the way from Ebay, so I decided I was going to start blogging about my adventures in collecting as well. My wife thinks I am a dork, but thats okay, thats why she married me.

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