Saturday, January 31, 2009

Holy Mail Day(s), Batman!

So yesterday/today turned out to be a great couple of mail days for me. Yesterday i received a big package from ebay seller mhazelto79. In that package were 2 83 Topps Baseball Grocery Rack Packs, 1 1985 Topps Baseball Rack, 1 1984 Topps Baseball Rack, 1 1981 Topps Baseball Grocery Rack (this was supposed to be an 82, hopefully we can work that out), and 2 1982 Topps Football Grocery Racks. To make things even better, today I received 2 1985 Donruss Racks from travatsea and then I got the grand daddy of them all. 2 Wax Boxes of 1988 Donruss Baseball from upbeat53_123. I paid a whooping $3.99 for both of these wax boxes, wow what a deal. If I am ever lucky enough to be able to contribute to A Pack A Day I will bust some of them on there and possibly run some contests.

Anyway, I am trying to put together a set of 88 Donruss, so I am going to be opening some of these today and I will post what I get. Hopefully I can finish this nasty beast without having to tear through 72 packs of this crap, and who knows maybe I will actually pull a Glavine and Grace rookie.

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