Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Official, No more new cards for me.

I was at Target buying some make up for the wife last night (I've been married for 7 years, I gave up any manhood I had years ago) and decided to pick up a couple packs of cards. One was a pack of 2008 Topps Baseball Series 2 and one was 2008 Playoff something-another. I busted them open, didn't get anything, and the pondered why the hell I just wasted $5.25 on some cards that I have no desire to ever build a set of. So while out on my nightly newspaper route where I do my best thinking, I came to an agreement with myself to stay focused and build some sets and that they are the only cards that I am allowed to buy from this point forward. So instead of aimlessly buying cards that will just go to waste, I can now only buy packs from the years that I set out to collect in the first place. So here we go, after 3 revisions, these are the sets I am planning on collecting. I have a 7 year plan on these, I want them all done by the time I am 35. At that point I can then decide if I want to continue with the hobby, or give it up, but I am now in it at least for the next 6.75 years. These are some lofty hopes, but many of the less expensive ones I either have or can knock out for under $10. So without further ado, here are the sets I will be finishing.

Baseball Sets

Topps 1973-1993 (I really like 72 but it is too costly at this point in my life. I start with '73 because I have a bunch, including a nice Schmidt rookie.)

Fleer 1981-1990 (I am stopping at 90 on this one, because 91 Fleer is one of the ugliest sets that I remember as a kid and I don't want to look at those awful cards ever again)

Donruss 1981-1992 (I can't believe I am going to actually do 81 Donruss. What a shitty set with some of the worst photos of all time, but what the hell. 92 was the year of the first really cool glossy inserted diamond kings, so I am really only doing that set because of them.

Football Sets

Topps 1973-1993 (Pretty much the same reason as baseball on these, 72 is great but too expensive, and I have a Franco Harris rookie that is just about gem mint. 76 will be fun because Payton is one of my favorite players, too bad I sold the rookie I had of him a couple of years ago when I thought I was going to become this great card flipper)

Score 1989 (This is a great set that I never had any of, but always wanted some of so this one will be a treat to myself.)

Pro Set 1989-1990 (I always liked the 89 set, and 90 I am only doing because after going through a bunch of my old cards I found boat loads of them so I might as well make a set of them)

For now there will not be any basketball or hockey sets. The ones I want to do for those sports are not in my budget right now so they will have to wait.

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