Sunday, February 1, 2009

1988 Donruss Goodness Parts 2 and 3

Another day and some more 1988 Donruss to rip open. Lucky me. See I have all this other great stuff to open, but I won't allow myself to do it until I am done with 88 Donruss and done sorting my 1985 Topps into numerical order. Okay here we go.

Summary: Packs 4,5,6:

Pack 4 gave me hall of famer Wade Boggs, a Jose Mesa rookie, and a Paul Molitor Diamond Kings. What it also gave me were duplicates of Calvin Schiraldi and Kem Caminiti though, so 4 packs in I know have dups of 3 players.

Pack 5 was by far the most solid pack in terms of star power so far. It included Don Mattingly, Eddie Murray, and a Ripken Baseball Family card. Again though, in classic Donruss fashion I received duplicates of Mark Langston, Harry "Who the fuck are you" Spilman, and Lance Johnson.

Pack 6 well I pulled the "hit" rookie of the set in this pack, Gregg Jeffries. Well at the time it was the hit rookie, now that would probably fall to Mark Grace or Tom Glavine, but at the time this came out, that was a big money card (for me who was 7 or 8 ripping this stuff as a kid). I also pulled a Paul Molitor MVP and Bert "Why am I not in the hall of fame" Blyleven. But to keep the tradition of duplicates going i pulled dups of Mel Hall, Mike Schmidt MVP, Jose Gonzalez, and Buddy Bell. That brings our duplicate count to 9 after 6 packs. Great Ratio.

Summary: Packs 7,8,9:

Pack 7 starts off with a bang! First card in the pack is newly inducted hall of famer Rickey Henderson. A couple of cards later is a Rated Rookie of Jack McDowell, who was a good pitcher for the White Sox for a little while. Only 1 dup in this pack and that was Reds "great" Ted Power.

Pack 8 wow this takes the cake as the worst pack yet. Biggest star is Carlton Fisk who actually was one of my favorite players growing up. Other than that, an Ivan Calderon Diamond King was the only other card of note. Duplicates included Neil Allen and Bob Boone.

Pack 9 ends the day with another decent pack. Included is a Barry Bonds 2nd Year and a George Brett. Also included was a Billy Hatcher Diamond King. I am wondering what the hell was the criteria to be a Diamond King in this set. Billy Hatcher, Devon White, Ivan Calderon, as Diamond Kings, Really? WTF?

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