Sunday, February 1, 2009

1988 Donruss Goodness Part 4

So here we are again for our latest installment of my 1988 Donruss Wax Pack Opening Extravaganza.

Packs 10,11,12:

Pack 10 yeah this was a complete pack of shite. The biggest stars in the pack were Chuck Finley and Rick Reuschel. Nothing more can be said of this pack except that it sucked.

Pack 11 another craptastic pack. Joe Carter and Dave Winfield were the only minor stars in this pack. Too bad I don't need Winfield. I did get a Tony Fernandez DK though, which I needed.

Pack 12 man I should have just kept these wrapped in the pack. A Kal Daniels DK ends up being the "hit" of the pack.

No pictures for this post, it doesn't deserve the time it takes to take and resize one. Pathetic!

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